Continuing Education Course

With the exceptions noted, the Real Estate Commission is the approving authority for all continuing education courses.  The Division Administrator may, without specific approval by the commission, approve a course offered by the Nevada Association of REALTORS upon its submission of an application.  Further, the commission will accept the following courses as meeting standards for continuing education without application or specific approval:

  • Any course in real estate or a directly related subject if the course has been previously approved by the commission;

  • Any course in real estate or a directly related subject if the course is offered by an accredited university or community college;

  • Any course in real estate or a directly related subject if the course is offered by the National Association of REALTORS or its societies, institutes, or councils.

Real estate continuing education courses may be presented in classroom or via a distance learning format.  Distance learning courses must include a final examination that the student must pass with a minimum score of 75%.  The final examination must be closed-book with a proctor present.

  • Course applications for Classroom Offerings and Distance Education should be submitted by the deadline for the meeting at which you wish the course to be heard; 

  • Provide a complete set of student materials;

  • Provide a copy of instructor notes and teaching aids;

  • Provide a copy of each examination to be used and the correct answer for each question; and

  • Course outline with time delineations noted.

Courses must be at least three (3) hours and are limited to seven (7) hours of instruction per day except when an examination is included.  When an examination is included as part of the approved curriculum the course may extent to eight (8) hours of instruction per day.

Course topics specifically excluded from accreditation are:

  • Courses designed to prepare students for examination;

  • A course designed to develop or improve clerical, office or business skills, such as typing, shorthand, the operation of business machines, speed reading, the improvement of memory, and writing letters and reports;

  • A meeting for the promotion of sales, a program of office training, or other activity which is held as part of the general business of the licensee;

  • A course for the orientation of licensees, such as one offered for that purpose through local real estate boards; and

  • A course for the development of instructors.

The courses for continuing education must contain:

  • Current information on real estate which will improve the professional knowledge of the licensee and enable him to give better service to the public;

  • Information that relates to pertinent Nevada laws and regulations.

The commission considers courses in the following areas to be acceptable for continuing education:

  • Ethics of selling real estate;

  • Legislative issues which concern the practice of real estate or licensees, including pending and recent legislation;

  • The administration of real estate law and regulations, including licensing and enforcement;

  • Real estate financing, including mortgages and other techniques;

  • The measurement and evaluation of the market for real estate, including evaluations of sites, market data and studies of feasibility;

  • The administration of real estate brokerage, including the management of the office, trust accounts and employees' contracts;

  • Real estate mathematics;

  • The management of real property, including leasing agreements, procedures for accounting and contracts for management;

  • The exchange of real property;

  • Planning and zoning for land use;

  • Real estate securities and syndication;

  • Estates and management of a portfolio;

  • Accounting and taxation as applied to real property;

  • The development of land; and

  • Agency and subjects related to agency.

Continuing Education Instructor Qualifications
(refer to NAC 645.426)        

An instructor must have written approval from the Division before teaching an approved course.

Written approval is obtained by the instructor completing an instructor application (page 4 of form 526A) and attaching a detailed resume defining dates and length of schooling and experience, and copies of applicable documents (licenses, certificates, instructor development training, etc) which clearly indicate how instructor is qualified to teach subject matter of course.  The sponsor/provider will then submit application to NRED for approval.