Community Manager Certificate

The certificate is required for those who are involved in common interest community management. The certificate is not intended for those involved in landlord-tenant property management.  Click here for landlord-tenant property management requirements.

Education Requirements

Education required for the certificate is 60 hours of pre-certification education.


Each applicant must pass the state examination prior to permanent certificate issue.  Examinations are scheduled through PSI. The fee is $100.00.


Each applicant must complete and submit the following:

  • Community Manager Application;

  • Two fingerprint cards completed at an authorized law enforcement facility.  Any fees incurred for fingerprinting are separate and apart from the application fee;

  • Experience;

  • Certificates from the courses attended;

  • Certificate of passing the state examination; and

  • Application fee of $200.00.

Certificate Renewal

The Community Manager Certificate is valid for a two-year period.  Renewal notices are sent approximately six weeks prior to certificate expiration.  Renewal must be accomplished within the 30 days prior to certificate expiration.  The following documentation must be submitted:

  • Proof of completing at least 18 hours of Community Manager designated continuing education within the 2-year certificate period.  At least 3 hours of the continuing education must be designated as relating to NRS & NAC 116.


  1. No course taken to obtain the certificate may be used  toward continuing education credit during the first renewal period.  

  2. Further, no course may be repeated in consecutive renewal periods.

  3. Courses must be approved by the CIC Commission.

  • Completed renewal form; and

  • Renewal fee of $200.00.

Approved Testing Vendor