Announcements (ARCHIVES)

Appraisal Commission's Response to New York AG's Agreement

Attorney General's Opinion Re: Commission's Jurisdiction over Common-Interest Communities' & Condo Hotels' Governing Documents

Attorney General's Opinion Regarding Whether Certain "Planned Communities" are "Common-Interest Communities"

Attorney General Announces Arrest in Foreclosure Rescue Scam

Attorney General Announces Settlement with Countrywide to Help Borrowers Facing Foreclosure

Bid Solicitation for WELSK 2008

Broker Price Opinions

CIC:  Position Statement on Voting Requirements for Removal of Board Member

CIC Request for proposal - homeowner association training seminars

Comp Checks

Completing a Sales Comparison Analysis in a Changing Market

Disclosure Statement for HOA Board Candidates

Division Position on Enforcement of Financial Audits for HOAs

Division Statement on multiple representation in real estate transactions in nevada

Division Position on Enforcement of Financial Audits for HOAs

Division to Begin Enforcement of HOA Registration

Division statement on multiple representations in real estate transactions in nevada

Explanation of T116-01 - Period for Public Comment on T116-01 Extended to 11/03/06

Financial Audits in Effect (CIC)


Fraud Alert:  Promissory Notes and Bonds

Guidelines for Activities an Unlicensed Employee May Perform (CIC)

Homeowners:  Be informed About Foreclosure Consulting Services

Informal Solicitation for Appraisers (Expires Jan 25, 2008)

Initial Real Estate Licensing Process Enhanced

Insurance Commissioner Warns Public About Unlicensed Insurance Company

How to Participate in the 2007 Legislative session

Memo to Architectural Review Committees and HOAs regarding Qualified Design Professionals

Multiple Offers Guidelines for Licensees

New chapter of law concerning exchange facilitators: sb476 encoded as nRS 645g

New Continuing Education Requirements Become Effective January 1, 2006.

New Continuing Education Requirements

New Duties Owed Forms FAQ

Ombudsman Education Outreach 9/22/08 (Sparks/Reno)

Phony Credit Verifications

Position statement on CE vs. PostLicensing for real estate license applications with receipts dated in 2005

Property Management Informational Bulletin

Real Estate Agents who are independent contractors required to hold State Business License with the Department of Taxation

Real Estate Course/Curriculum Development Workshop

Residential Disclosure Guide to be Provided to All Buyers and Sellers in a Real Estate Transaction - Effective July 1, 2006

Revised residential disclosure guide available now!  read press release

Requirements for the Electronic Transmission of Payments over $10,000

RFP Released by the State Purchasing Division.  Please check regularly for information and updates at  Refer to RFP #1576.

Residential Disclosure Guide (Rev. 4/2008) available online

Seller's real property disclosure form updated

Sham insurers shut down and ordered to pay fines

Student/Instructor Standards of Conduct

Time Running Out for Associations to Pay Fees to the Division (Jan 2008)

Unlicensed Assistants

Video Tutorials from the Office of the Ombudsman

Real Estate Division Summarily Suspends License of Salesperson

What Every Licensee Should Know! (WELSK) Bid Solicitation (04/01/09)

Informal Solicitation - Inspector Development Workshop (02/25/09)



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