Nevada Residential Disclosure Guide

March 2012

Information Update regarding the Nevada Residential Disclosure Guide

The Nevada Residential Disclosure Guide, November, 2011 revision is edited on page 23, under “Environmental Hazards” to provide a new link,, for information relating to floods. The Floodsmart website is the official website of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) National Flood Insurance Program which informs about flood hazards and flood insurance. It provides links to flood hazard information by specific locations and links to FEMA’s flood insurance rate maps that include special flood hazard areas where mandatory flood insurance applies.

November 2011

The Nevada Residential Disclosure Guide provides relevant information concerning disclosures that are required by federal, state and local laws and regulations by a buyer and a seller in transaction involving the sale of residential property.

The guide summarizes the purpose of the disclosures, who must provide them and when they are due.  All Nevada real estate licensees must provide a copy of the booklet to the prospective buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction in accordance with the regulations adopted by the Commission.


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